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2022 Hair Trends That You Should Try This Year

With the weather warming up and the days getting longer, there’s a hint of spring in the air and we all know that a new season calls for a new hairstyle – right? 

We’ve rounded up the current hair trends for 2022 to help you make sure your hair game is strong this year.


The latest hair trends everyone is talking about

Whether you’re going for the big chop, incorporating edgy modern texture to a classic cut or switching up your colour, you’ll be spoilt for choice with the latest hair trends for 2022. 


Hairstyle Trends 2022

  • Broccoli haircut

The broccoli cut is pretty much as it says… The sides and back of the hair are shaved to create a smooth, clean finish and then the contrasting top is untamed with loose curls, fluffy texture or tousled tresses dropping down over the forehead. 


  • Bixi haircut

A hybrid between the bob and pixie, the Bixie is a shorter shaggy bob, combining the length of a short bob with the texture and volume of the pixie cut to create an ultra-modern look. It’s super versatile and can easily be adapted to suit your hair texture and face shape.


  • Mohican haircut

If you want a bold, edgy look, the Mohican style could be exactly what you’re looking for. Your stylist will shave the sides of your hair, leaving a strip of hair running down the centre of your head. Have fun with the hair on top; you can get creative with different colours and textures.

Woman with mohican 2022 hair trend

Image Credit – @shortnaturalhairstyle


  • High and tight haircut

With a plethora of different variations, the high and tight haircut can be customised to suit your personal style, hair texture and length. With a sharp, clean finish, this hairstyle consists of a fade or completely shaved sides and back, with short hair remaining on top. It is very low maintenance and can be styled with minimal to no products.


  • Mixie hair cut

A cross between the mullet and pixie, the mixie is set to be one of the leading hair trends of 2022. Combining the dainty pixie chop with short strands towards the front of the head and a longer choppy mullet-inspired cut at the back.

Woman with mixie hair cut 2022 hair trend

Image Credit – @lacyredway


2022 Bangs Trends

  • Bottleneck bangs

If you’re toying with the idea of getting bangs, but you’re not quite ready to commit, this one’s for you. The Bottleneck fringe style is the lovechild of the full and grown-out fringe, the hair in the middle is shorter in the centre of your forehead with longer strands at the sides.


  • Curtain bangs

Cue the effortless bangs! This face-framing style is perfect for accentuating your cheekbones; you’ll be upping the anti with your selfies. Being incredibly versatile, curtain bangs work with a number of different styles from super curly, to dead straight and everything in-between.

Woman with curtain bangs 2022 hair trend

Image Credit – Pinterest


  • Clip-in bangs

The ultimate “try-before-you-commit” bangs! If it’s good enough for super models like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid, we’re sold. This is such an easy way to switch up your style and test out a new look without diving in at the deep end.


  • Wispy fringe bangs

Wispy bangs have a soft finish, created by lightly feathering the hair towards the ends. This trendy cut can add a more playful look to your hair and it’s low maintenance too: win-win! We would recommend this look for people with thinner hair.


  • Concave bob with fringe

If you’re ready for a more edgy look, the concave bob with fringe, also known as the inverted fringe, fulfils the brief. This hairstyle consists of a shorter cut at the back with longer hair at the front. Your stylist will add stacked layers to the back and sides of your hair creating a full look with tapered ends.


Bob trends in 2022

Talking about bobs, this cut is trending, too:


  • French bob

Classic and the epitome of chic, the French bob is always a good idea. The hair is cut super short, at chin-length, paired with brow length bangs. You can opt for the blunt cut, textured with tousled tresses or go for relaxed waves. Bring a little French joie de vivre into your life.

Woman with french bob 2022 hair trend

Image CreditGabie Godfrey


  • Boyfriend bob

The cool-cat in the bob family, think square, short and blocked for the boyfriend bob. Like the French bob, you can either style this look with a sleek crisp finish, or go for something a little more un-done by adding some texture.

Woman with boyfriend bob 2022 hair trend

Image Credit – Pinterest


  • Boy bob haircut

Next up is one of the new kids on the block: the boy bob. A loose blunt cut, this haircut is the ideal option if you want to ditch the straighteners and let your natural hair do its thing. Play around with the length, going from your collarbone right up to your chin! 

Woman with boy bob 2022 hair trend

Image Credit – @caitlinmiyako


  • Short asymmetrical bob 

You guessed it, the asymmetric bob is longer on one side than the other, a fun way to experiment with having shorter hair to ease yourself in. Put your own spin on it by adding bangs or trying out a new colour.

Asymmetrical bob 2022 hair trend

Image credit – @hairbykimtran


  • Curly bob with fringe

Embrace your natural curls with the curly bob fringe! One thing to bear in mind is that curls shrink, you’ll want to keep your hair longer to accommodate for the shinkage to get your desired length, the tighter your curls are the more your strands will shrink. Your stylist will be able to advise on this. 

Woman with curly bob fringe 2022 hair trend


Hair colour trends in 2022

With new hair colour changing apps launching almost every week (e.g. Redken) and new Instagram filters to test colour, there’s endless inspiration. Here’s a run through of some of the biggest hair colour trends in 2022.


  • Plum

Purple meets brown! Take yourself out of your comfort zone without going too out there. Plum can work with a variety of skin tones, talk to your stylist to identify if you’d be better suited to a cooler or warmer shade.

Purple may however require a fair amount of up-keep as it can fade quite quickly.

Woman with plum coloured hair 2022 hair trend

Image Credit – Pinterest


  • Ash-blonde

A very stylish, modern look with cool blonde tones, darker roots and smoky grey hues. This colour works best on naturally blonde or light-brown hair. You’ll also be happy to know it is a relatively easy colour to maintain.


  • Chocolate and Caramel balayage

A must-have colour that reigns supreme, with balayage colouring techniques dominating the hair scene as one of the most sought-after styles. A flattering blend of warm caramel tones overlaid on beautiful brunette hues, this is the perfect summer colour.

Woman with chocolate and caramel balayage 2022 hair trends

Image Credit – Pinterest


  • Dark hair with auburn highlights

Keeping with the darker hair tones, rich auburn highlights will breathe new life into your dark hair. The vibrancy of the auburn hues can make your hair look fuller, which is perfect for thinner hair. 

Woman with dark auburn highlights 2022 hair trend

Image Credit – Pinterest


  • Toasted Caramel

Brighten your look with toasted caramel locks, a mix of blonde and brunette tones, this colour will give your hair a gorgeous sun-kissed look. 


Did you see a hair trend that you love?

We would love to make it happen for you! If you’re in London, check out our hair services here or get in touch if we can discuss your goals further. 

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