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8 Easy Hairstyles For Short Hair

It can often be hard to style short hair, but you can still create stunning up-dos and textured looks. Whatever your hair type, these eight hairstyles are quick, on-trend and easy to do, and could even be a quick fix for a bad hair day! So whip out your hairbrush, and start practising these sassy, low-maintenance looks.



This is a cute yet chic bun made up of only the top section of hair that is twisted up into a knot. It can be placed higher or lower depending on personal preference.

Equipment: hairbrush, hair tie, bobby pins/hair grip (optional)


  1. Section the amount of hair you want, twist the hair and wrap it into a knot.

  2. Secure the knot with a hair tie.

  3. Add bobby pins for extra support or flyaways.

Top tip: For a beachy look with added texture, we recommend using Aveda’s Texture Tonic. This tonic will help you to create a naturally tousled texture with flexible hold while leaving the hair touchable and infused with a natural shine for that effortlessly “undone” look.


unnamed (6).png

This is a quick, no-fuss hairdo that involves two sections of hair being twisted together and tied up at the back.

Equipment: Hair elastic and bobby pins.


  1. Take equal sections of hair on both sides of the head.

  2. Twist the hair in the same direction on both sides.

  3. Meet the sections in the middle and secure with a clear elastic or bobby pin.


unnamed (10).jpg

Perfect for a less put-together look, loose waves look fabulous on short hair and help to create a fuller look on fine hair.

Equipment: Hair curlers, hairspray, hairbrush, clips, and heat protectant.


  1. Section the hair into bottom, mid-section and top using clips.

  2. Start with the bottom and curl the hair without holding for too long on the curling iron to create a looser wave.

  3. Repeat and then brush out the curls to create your desired look.

  4. Use hairspray to make the waves last.

Top tip: Always protect your hair before using heat. Aveda damage control is our go-to for protecting the hair from the hazards of heat styling, as well as combing and sun damage.



The bouffant hairstyle is very much focused on creating volume, as well as super fashionable (we like to call it casual chic). It is guaranteed to bring a retro yet sophisticated look to women with shorter hair.

Equipment: Blow drier, round hairbrush, bobby pins, and hair spray.


  1. On 80% dry hair (this is key), section the top of your hair.

  2. Starting from the back, take horizontal sections and place the brush underneath so that the hair is going over the top.

  3. Blow-dry each section in turn and pin in place to set.

  4. After reaching the front, remove the bobby pins, pull the section towards the back of the head and pin in place.

  5. Use hairspray to hold in place.

Top tip: If you want this look to last all day, use Aveda Pure abundance volumizing hair spray for extra volume and added hold. Its weightless micro-mist delivers extra-firm hold to all hair types.



This is the chicest of all the bun’s, donned by LA supermodels such as Hailey Bieber and Sofia Richie. It sits at the bottom of the head, resting on the back of the neck. Who doesn’t want to look like a model off duty?

Equipment: hairbrush, hair band, and bobby pins


  1. Detangle the hair.

  2. Opt for a middle or side-parting (both work equally well).

  3. Bring hair to the back of the neck and twist into a bun.

  4. Secure with a hairband and add bobby pins for fly-aways or extra security.

Top tip: When creating this look, try slicking your hair back. It helps to create a smoother, more elegant bun and will highlight your face and bone structure. Aveda’s smooth infusion style-prep smoother is a great pre-style treatment to use to make styling easier, and it defends against humidity for up to 12 hours.



Who doesn’t love a 90s blowout? This natural hair down look has lots of bouncy volume.

Equipment: rounded brush, hairdryer, and hair spray


  1. On damp hair, section into bottom, midsection and top.

  2. Starting from the bottom, take sections with the rounded brush and place hair on top of the brush to create volume from the root.

  3. Create curled ends by wrapping the hair around the brush and holding it with the dryer for a few seconds.

  4. Blow-dry the whole head and set it with hair spray.



Get your braid on! This playful side braid goes across the front section of hair for a cute and cheeky look. It’s super simple and still allows your short hair to fly free.

Equipment: brush, bobby pins, and hairband.


  1. Section a piece of hair just above the ear on a side of your choice.

  2. Braid that section and secure it with a hairband.

  3. Pull the braid to the other side of your head and secure it with a bobby pin.



Want to turn your short hair into stunning plaits? Whether messy double braided or single and tight, YouTube offers easy tutorials on how to French braid your own short hair – it’s easier than you think!

Equipment: Brush and hairband.

  1. Section the hair into however many braids you would like (typically 1-2).

  2. French braid the hair down to the back of your neck.

  3. Continue with an ordinary braid down to the ends of your hair.4. Secure with a hair tie.

Easy to style and maintain, these short hairstyles will bring a whole new life to your locks.


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