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Being environmentally minded and ethically conscious, it is important for us to explain why we chose to be an Aveda concept salon and why this partnership is so close to our hearts. Aveda are the original pioneers of the power of botanicals and naturally derived ingredients and their principles reflect what we really care about, minimising our impact on the environment and animals while prioritising the well-being of our clients.

The Aveda brand represents sustainability, ethical values and environmental responsibility without compromising on quality and efficacy. Their products are made of up to 96% natural ingredients and are free from harsh chemicals which are bad for you, your hair and the environment. They are manufactured using sustainable methods and never tested on animals. Their formulas ensure you can stay true to your values while using plant based, sustainably sourced products that actually work. All our team members have extensive knowledge of the product range and can help decide which ones will be best for you. 

Aveda colour is vibrant and fade resistant, designed to improve your hair. Aveda full-spectrum hair colour is customised just for you, to deliver amazing personalised results. We believe Aveda is the safest and most effective naturally derived hair colour that is currently available. Up to 96% naturally derived, Aveda colour is vibrant and fade resistant – designed to improve your hair. The Aveda full-spectrum colour range is customised just for you, guaranteed to deliver personalised, one of a kind results. By avoiding harsh chemical additives, the risk of allergic reaction and scalp irritation from colouring is greatly reduced.

Our experienced team of stylists are able to prioritise hair condition, whilst achieving the lightest blondes, richest browns and most vibrant shades without causing the long-term damage often created by conventional dying methods. Used in conjunction with the appropriate at-home care products, you’ll find that your colour lasts longer and your hair stays naturally vibrant and shiny. 


We believe the foundation for beautiful hair is a healthy scalp. This is why we offer complimentary hair and scalp check appointments using a state-of-the-art scalp camera that accurately measures scalp condition, hair density and level of damage. This allows you to fully understand the true condition of your and us to prescribe a personalised routine that will make all the difference.