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Black to Blonde: Understanding the Hair Salon Process

Are you wanting to dye your black hair blonde, but afraid of how hard it might be? Or maybe you just want to find out if blondes really do have more fun?

Whilst it’s true that going from black hair to blonde can be a long process, it is perfectly achievable when done correctly and using the right techniques. This is why it is always recommended that the transition from dark to light hair is carried out by a professional colourist at a hair salon – it is a science after all!

To make you feel more at ease, here’s a breakdown of how we do the dyeing process from black to blonde here at Strand & Lock. 


1. The consultation: your hair goals and our recommendation

Before we even begin thinking about putting any bleach or product on your hair, we’ll need to go through the condition of your hair, your hair goals and what we can do to make them happen for you.

Once we’ve discussed your hair history (e.g. whether it’s been dyed or permed previously), we will then make sure that we understand in detail what you’d like your hair to look like – please feel free to bring any pictures of your desired look along with you. We’ll also assess the current level (how dark it is) and the condition of your hair.

Then we’ll let you know what technique will be best to use for the process, as well as how many appointments you’ll need to achieve your dream shade of blonde. 

It is always important to note that going from black to blonde can be intensive and take more than one sitting. If your black hair has already been dyed several times in the past, it will probably take 2-3 processes to reach blonde.


2. Mixing and applying the bleach

Once you’re happy, we will mix up your salon-quality bleach, which is a lot more effective and much less damaging than any bleach you will find at your supermarket or local pharmacy. Our high-quality bleach also contains conditioning agents and nourishing ingredients that will help to keep the hair in better condition while it works its magic. 

Rest assured that we will use the correct developer for your hair, which is why you should always leave this to a trained salon expert. If your hair is especially fragile, you might need an Olaplex treatment to keep the condition, so we’ll also add Olaplex no.1 to the bleach.

We’ll then apply the bleach accordingly, depending on what technique will best get us to your goal. For example, balayage will be painted free-handedly by your stylist onto the hair, whereas highlights will need foils. Either way, bleach will always be applied carefully one section at a time until the hair is entirely covered.


3. Letting the bleach develop

After putting all the bleach onto the hair, we’ll leave it to develop on your head. Everyone’s hair develops differently, especially if you don’t have hair that’s not been coloured previously, but it will usually be left for around 30-45 minutes.

This is also your time to sit back and relax! Put your feet up, enjoy our refreshments and read a magazine.


4. Using toner to get the perfect shade

Once your bleach has lifted your hair to the required level, it will be washed out of your hair. Olaplex no.2 will be applied if you are having an Olaplex treatment.

Often when bleaching black or very dark hair, the hair will lift to a brassy tone, which is completely normal and is to be expected. To fix this, we use a toner to change the shade and counteract any orange. Toner doesn’t make the hair any lighter, it just ensures that you can have a cooler, natural blonde shade. 

The toner will typically sit on the hair for 5-10 minutes to allow it to stain the hair. Then, it will be rinsed from the hair.


5. The finished product

Finally, your hair will be blow-dried so that we can see and assess the end result. Whether you want a bouncy blow or a more sleek finish to your look, we recommend getting a cut and blow-dry to really show off your new hair!

If we’ve been able to achieve your colour goal in one session, we’ll say goodbye and expect to see you again to top up those roots! However, if we still need more sessions to get you to your goal, we’ll schedule you in again for a minimum of a week or so later. 

You should never bleach your hair twice in one day or you will increase damage and harm your hair severely. This is because your hair needs a chance to rest and build up those natural oils again.

Top Tip: Salon-fresh blonde requires regular toning, and a purple shampoo is the best way to keep it looking great. We love Aveda’s blonde revival purple toning shampoo, which helps to neutralise any brassy yellow tones for a longer-lasting blonde. If you don’t want your colour to fade too quickly, then it’s worth investing in a purple shampoo!

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