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The 5 Best Ways To Transition to Grey Hair

Are you looking for the best way to transition to grey hair? If so, you’re probably well aware that grey hair no longer suffers from the image problem it used to and today’s greys are chic, stylish and absolutely not something that should be hidden. 

So if the time has come to embrace your new natural colour, you might be wondering how to go about transitioning to grey without feeling old.

Growing any kind of colour out can often feel like you’re stuck in an endless ‘in between’ stage but transitioning to grey doesn’t have to be tedious or frustrating.

We’ve got some great ideas if you want to know how to transition to grey hair effortlessly so let’s take a look.

The Best Ways To Transition to Grey Hair

Let the silver shine through with these five ideas for the best ways to transition to grey. 

1. Colour your hair to match your roots

The grey colour trend has been around for a couple of years now and it’s still a stylish option for anyone who can’t wait for their grey to grow out naturally. At Strand & Lock, we use Aveda colour to create a bespoke shade that seamlessly blends into your natural root colour.

Plus, if you don’t want to have to make a drastic change to your hair style, colour matching your roots is the easiest way to keep your length without going through that awkward growing out stage.

While even just a few years back it would have been unthinkable that anyone would want to dye their hair grey, the new silver-grey dyes have shown that, actually, grey hair can be a really attractive alternative to some of the more slightly obvious colour options.

2. Chop off your old colour and opt for a short cut

One quick and easy way of ridding yourself of old colour and letting your grey hair do the talking is to simply chop off your locks.

A classic pixie cut or chin length bob will remove the length and most of your older colour (depending on the length of your grey) and enable you to transition to grey quickly and oh-so-stylishly! Your stylist will be able to suggest a short cut that suits your face shape perfectly.

3. Add lowlights or highlights

Grey blending is another hot hair trend and is a good way to transition to grey. Highlights and lowlights are an attractive way of combining your older hair colour with your newer grey hairs and will add extra gloss and shine too.

Your colourist will be able to advise you whether lowlights or highlights (or a combination of the two) will work best with your current colour. Lowlights, which are a couple of shades darker than your hair, generally create a more naturally blended look rather than lighter highlights.  

4. Blend your roots with a balayage

Balayage for grey hair is a great way to get yourself through the transition period as it provides a natural finish. Your colourist will also be able to target larger areas of grey than with lowlights or highlights.

The other nice thing about opting for balayage for grey blending is that root regrowth is less obvious, helping you to maintain the look for longer.

Don’t forget to make sure that coloured locks stay looking salon-gorgeous with a product such as Aveda’s Color Conserve™ Daily Color Protect, a leave-in treatment which intensifies colour and locks in shine.

5. Let your grey hair grow out naturally

If the idea of chopping all your hair off or dying it doesn’t appeal, you can always opt for the au natural method and let your grey hair grow out on its own over time.

The only thing we would suggest if you’re going down this route is to get regular haircuts to avoid your locks looking a little unloved while you go through the process.

Why You Should Be Confident About Transitioning To Grey

How do you transition to grey hair? With confidence!

Grey hair is no longer associated with bus passes and the Women’s Institute! Thanks to the grey hair dye trend, it’s now a desirable colour option that has taken its rightful place among brown, black, blonde, red, pink and everything in between.

Besides, going grey is a perfectly natural part of the ageing process and we should all feel confident about transitioning to grey hair because you can’t put an age limit on beauty.

Remember: confidence is beautiful and so is naturally grey hair!

Just make sure that you switch to using the right hair care products for your new look. We love Aveda’s Blue Malva Shampoo which adds a lovely silvery brightness to grey hair. This is also a great shampoo for transitioning to grey hair because it can be used with all colours. 

Team it with the matching Blue Malva Conditioner and you’ve got a silver hair care dream team right there in your bathroom.

Transition To Grey at Strand & Lock London

The very best way to transition to grey hair is to speak to the experts in colouring and grey blending.

At Strand & Lock London, we offer hair styling services including balayage and highlights to both women and men. We also only ever use Aveda colour products which ensure that you leave our Bermondsey salon with a vibrant, glossy head of hair, no matter what colour it is!

If you’re tired of spending hours in front of the mirror plucking out endless grey hairs and you want to start falling in love with your natural silver, book your appointment at Strand & Lock today and we’ll help you go grey in style.

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