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Hair Tint vs Highlights: What’s The Difference?

Hair Tint vs Highlights: Here’s the Difference

A hair tint is a full coverage of colour which is darker than your natural (or current) hair colour, whereas highlights are when the hair is divided into sections before being lightened. Want to find out more about hair tints vs highlights and discover which is right for you? Keep reading.

Let’s look at hair tints and highlights in a little more detail. 

If you’ve ever wondered what the difference between a hair tint and highlights is, the secret is in the application and technique.

What is Hair Tinting?

So what is a hair tint? Tinting, which is not to be confused with dying your hair, is a process that involves applying an additional layer of colour all over your locks.  Because hair tints are darker than the colour that you already have, the end result is more subtle than dye.

If we’re talking hair tint versus highlights, it is this darker factor that also makes for a more low key look. In fact a hair tint will almost take on transparent qualities to add a more dimensional and colourful appearance to your original shade. 

A hair tint will also give your ‘do a glossy finish – if you have it done at a professional salon that is! This one is best left to the professionals, as tinting your hair at home will most likely not give you that super shiny, hint of a tint that you’ve seen on Instagram or TikTok… 

What are Hair Highlights?

We’ve looked at what hair tinting is but with highlights being in our vocabulary for so long now, it’s easy to think that all of us automatically know what they are. But do you really

Unlike hair tinting, which is applied all over, highlights only partially cover selected strands of your hair. Highlights subtly enhance your existing colour with shades that are lighter than your base colour, giving it depth and luminosity. 

Your colourist will pick out fine and/or thick strands of hair (depending on your preference) and lighten them in a way that complements both your current hair colour and your cut. Again, we highly recommend you visit your salon if you’re thinking of getting highlights!

What is a Hair Tint at a Salon?

Why do we keep banging on about visiting your salon to get your hair tinted or highlighted? It’s a good question and we’re glad you asked!

When it comes to knowing whether hair tint vs highlights are best for you and your type of hair, there’s no one in a better position to advise you than your hairdresser. This is especially true if you have hair that is currently coloured or damaged, or if you have afro hair and you’re considering highlights or a tint.

Your colourist will also be able to give you a better idea of the outcome of your tinting or highlighting colour service. And they’ll be able to explain the difference between highlights and tinting and tell you more about what a hair tint actually is.

And, just in case it needs saying, whether it’s highlights or a hair tint at a salon that you’re looking for, the results are always going to be a cut above what you can achieve at home.  

The thing is, both hair tints and highlights should be subtle and evenly distributed (as should all hair dying techniques) and it is incredibly hard to achieve this at home when bent over the bathroom sink! 

Highlights vs Hair Tint: Which Should I Choose?

We hear your dilemma. When it comes down to hair tint vs highlights it can be hard to pick a side. But that’s why we’re here – and we guess that’s why you’re reading this blog post!

So we’ve looked at what highlights are and we’ve answered the question “what is a hair tint” – but is one better than the other?

What can we say? We love them both equally and who are we to tell you which to choose? All we can do is lay out a few facts. 

The Pros of Hair Tints

Here are some things we love about hair tinting:

– Hair tints give a lovely, all over, almost-luminous quality to the hair which adds interest, depth and dimension.

– The tint also adds weight to the hair’s strands which can tame fly-aways and frizz.

– Tinting is semi-permanent so it’s a commitment-free way to change up your look whenever you want.

– Because a hair tint is darker than your natural (or current) colour it can make your locks look shinier.

The Pros of Highlighting Hair

And in the interests of playing fair in the hair tint versus highlights debate, here are some things we love about highlighted hair:

– Highlighting gives you a few more options than a full head of colour, such as a full head or half head of highlights.

– They’re a great way of disguising grey if you have dark hair, as these hairs will blend in more surreptitiously with the highlights.

– Highlights are super versatile. Whether you want thicker, more noticeable shades or a low-key look, highlights have you covered.

– Highlights are less maintenance than an all over colour as their natural integration with your hair makes it less urgent to get root touch ups.

Looking After Coloured Hair

The one thing you do need to do to keep on top of hair tints and highlights is to make sure that they are both nourished. There are ways to look after highlighted hair as well as tinted locks and the most important aspect of that is using the right products and booking regular appointments at your salon.

At Strand and Lock, we love Aveda’s range for coloured hair. So whether you want to maintain your hue with a product such as their Color Conserve Shampoo or enhance your blonde or grey locks with their Blue Malva Shampoo, you’ll be on the fast track to happier, healthier locks.

Highlights and Hair Tints at Strand & Lock 

Want to know what a hair tint is? Still can’t decide who the winner is in the hair tint vs highlights debate? Come and talk to us at Strand & Lock London.

We are more than happy to explain the difference between what a hair tint and highlights are, talk you through the process of what a hair tint at a salon is all about, and then make you look even more fabulous than you already do.

Get in touch with us today to book your appointment.

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