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How To Get The Modern Rachel Haircut + Styling Tips

Whether you’ve been a diehard Friends fan since the beginning or never got round to watching the lives of the gang, there’s no mistaking that the Rachel cut was THE haircut to dominate the 1990’s. And now the modern Rachel haircut is here to remind us that this look isn’t going anywhere.

Back in the day, Jennifer Aniston’s character’s ‘do had women across the globe flocking to their salon in search of those glossy locks that had everyone’s head turning – not least of all Gunther’s!

So how do you achieve the modern Rachel haircut? We’ve broken down everything you need to know to give your hair some 90’s flair.


The Modern Rachel Haircut: Reimagining a Classic

modern rachel green haircut

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You don’t need to be Anna Wintour to know that trends come and go – and then come back again. Fashion, including haircuts, is cyclical and styles that might have looked outdated just a couple of years ago have a way of working their way back into our wardrobes – or onto our heads. 

However, many returnees to the fashion world come back with a reimagining that brings them bang up-to-date. The modern Rachel haircut is no different.

Rather than simply copying the old Rachel hairstyle, this is a fresh version with a contemporary twist.


What Was the Rachel Haircut? 

Rachel Green’s hair on Friends was a shoulder length haircut that was known for its volume and distinctive choppy layers that framed Aniston’s face. It was glossy yet heavily styled, using some hardcore blow drying techniques, as well as plenty of product, to keep it in place. 

The modern Rachel hairstyle is longer, softer and shaggier than the original and has more natural movement. The one similarity it does have with its predecessor is the face-framing, chin-length layers.


How to Ask for the Rachel Haircut



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The good news is that the Rachel 2.0 haircut suits any hair type. Although Jennifer Aniston appears to have naturally straight locks, she has gone on record to say that her natural hair is “Greek…[and] insanely frizzy.” 

The moral of the story? Don’t think that the new Rachel haircut isn’t for you just because you don’t have poker straight locks.

It’s highly unlikely that a good hair salon won’t have heard of the new Rachel Green but make sure you ask for long flippy layers that frame your face, a middle parting, and curtain bangs as these are the defining features of the style.

And it goes without saying, you definitely want to amp up the bounce factor! 

And as always, take some inspo pictures if you’re not sure that you’ll be able to explain exactly what you’re looking for. These will be helpful too as there’s no one modern Rachel hairstyle – we’re talking more about individualizing the look and making it yours.


How to Style the Rachel Haircut

Jennifer Aniston herself has said that the original Rachel haircut was high maintenance and difficult to style. But don’t let this deter you! Try our three steps to the modern Rachel and you shouldn’t look out of place on the Central Perk sofa.


  • The modern Rachel haircut works best on clean, fluffy hair. Your end goal is volume and bounce so wash your locks using a shampoo such as Aveda’s Pure Abundance™ Volumizing Shampoo
  • While your hair is still damp, gently run a few drops of hair oil through it so that you have a smooth texture for easier styling. We really like Aveda’s Nutriplenish™ Multi-Use Hair Oil which adds hydration and shine for that all-important Rachel glossiness. 
  • Grab your hairdryer and a rounded brush and start by creating volume at the roots. Dry your hair upwards and away from your face to create a bouffant. As you move further down the lengths of your hair, curl the ends inwards so that they frame your face.


Get the Modern Rachel Haircut at Strand & Lock

At Strand & Lock we’re loving the new Rachel hairstyle and we’d love to help you achieve your next on-trend look.

We offer a full range of salon services including cut, blow dry, restyling and colouring. We also only ever use Aveda products which are kind to both your hair and scalp thanks to them being packed full of naturally derived ingredients. 

Embrace your inner (modern) Rachel and book your appointment today.

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