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How To Keep Highlighted Hair From Fading

You’ve recently been to your favourite salon and had your hair highlighted and styled. And It. Looks. Fabulous. Your friends are all asking where you went to get such a fantastic cut and colour and you’re feeling like the belle of the ball. But at the back of your mind there’s that niggling little question: how do you stop your highlighted hair from fading?

Let’s face it. Getting your hair highlighted by a professional hairdresser doesn’t usually cost pocket change and you’ll be spending a good few hours in the chair too. So doesn’t it make sense that you want to know how to keep highlighted hair from fading for as long as possible?

Of course it does! At Strand & Lock, we want you to be in love with your new ‘do from the moment your colourist removes your gown, to weeks down the line. And that’s why we’re here to share some hair care for highlighted hair tips.

How to Keep Highlighted Hair From Fading

– Wait Before Washing Your Hair

When you have your hair coloured, whether it’s bright copper orange or subtle highlights, the process opens up the hair’s cuticle so that it can receive the dye. 

What this means is that you need to give that cuticle time to close before washing your hair – otherwise you’ll be rinsing out some of your new colour. We suggest giving your hair 72 hours before washing it. Time to invest in a shower cap!

– Use the Right Shampoo

If you want to know how to care for highlighted hair, one of the biggest things you can do that your locks will thank you for is to use the right shampoo. Now this can be where it gets a little tricky: as you know shampoos are formulated to work with different hair types, to achieve certain goals, to deal with specific issues, or to enhance natural or salon colours.

For example, purple shampoos – such as Aveda’s Blonde Revival™ Purple Toning Shampoo help to maintain your salon colour while also neutralising any brassy or yellow tones in your hair. Ask your colourist when you’re in the salon to recommend a shampoo if you’re in any doubt.

– Dial Back the Shower Temperature

Hair care for highlighted hair doesn’t have to be complicated – but it might be a bit of an ouch if you’re someone who likes to luxuriate for any length of time in a piping hot shower. 

The problem is, hot water can actually re-open the hair’s cuticle which allows colour to escape. So while we’re not suggesting you start taking ice baths or showers that would make Wim Hof – AKA The Iceman –  proud, do bear in mind that cooler water is gentler on your hair.

– Go Easy on the Heat

In a similar vein, if your GHDs are virtually an extension of your hand or you can’t bear the thought of air drying your hair, just know that if you want to keep highlighted hair from fading you might have to make a few more heat-based sacrifices! 

If you really can’t bear to part with your hairdryer and heated styling tools, try and use them at the lowest temperature possible. And invest in a good heat protector such as Aveda’s Heat Relief™ Thermal Protector & Conditioning Mist which protects hair from heat up to 450 degrees during styling.

– Use Masks and Treatments 

Knowing how to care for highlighted hair is crucial if you want to preserve that ‘just stepped out of the salon’ look. And hair masks and treatments can be an important weapon in your beauty arsenal when it comes to this.

Try Aveda’s Color Renewal treatment which revives, refreshes and restores the look of both natural or colour-treated hair, while also adding a boost of vibrancy and shine. We also love their Color Conserve™ Daily Color Protect which is a leave-in treatment that seals and smooths the cuticle for maximised shine. 

– Protect Your Hair from UV Rays

If you’re looking for more ways to stop highlighted hair from fading, you should also protect your hair from UV rays. We all know that exposure to the sun damages skin, but it’s not great for your hair either – to put it mildly.

Whether it’s the middle of winter or you’re on your summer vacay, whether you’re a natural brunette or you have a half or full head of highlights, the fact is UV rays accelerate colour fade, and dry out and damage locks. Protect, protect and protect hair some more with a product such as Aveda’s Sun Care Protective Hair Veil – trust us, your highlights will thank you for it.

– Book Regular Salon Appointments

As a ‘salon-assisted’ blonde, one important part of knowing how to keep highlights from fading, is to rely on regular visits to your local, friendly hair salon. It’s no secret that highlights and hair colour require a certain degree of maintenance and regular trims are a must if you want to get rid of those split ends that bleach can contribute to. 

Having said that, it is a fact of life that highlighted hair can and will fade – and will inevitably grow out too as your hair grows. 

We recommend visiting your salon for a colour refresh once every eight to twelve weeks (your colourist will be able to suggest a more specific timeframe) although if this feels a little too high maintenance, consider having a blonde balayage, which will require fewer touch-ups than highlights. 

Get the Perfect Highlights at Strand & Lock London

We love seeing our customers step out of the Strand & Lock salon with a gorgeous head of colour – whether you’ve opted for a full head, half head or T-section highlights

We’re experts when it comes to knowing how to care for highlighted hair and your colourist will be more than happy to suggest ways you can maintain your locks for longer when you visit us.

Cutting, colouring, styling and hair care for highlighted hair are just a couple of our specialities, so book your appointment today at our Bermondsey Street salon. We look forward to being the highlight of your day!

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