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How to Style Naturally Curly Hair – Our Top Tips and Tricks

Curly hair is commonly referred to as both a blessing and a misfortune. While many people with straight hair wish they had curly hair, it comes with its own unique set of challenges. If you have curly hair, then you may experience frizziness, dryness and struggle to keep it in place.

However, with the right haircut, styling products and some tricks up your sleeve, it can make things a whole lot easier. As experts in all types of hair, here are our top tips for styling naturally curly hair.

Choose the right haircut

Whether you have loose waves or coils, it’s important you choose the right haircut for your curly hair type. If you’re after a shorter style, we love a graduated bob which looks great on women with soft, loose curls and creates movement in the hair.

Medium-length hairstyles tend to work best for large waves, springy curls and smaller ringlets. To maximise volume, we love a shaggy cut with longer layers at the front and a fringe to frame the face. When it comes to long hair, we recommend long layers for soft and natural curls to create a classic look which is easy to style.

If you’re unsure which style will suit you best, our expert stylists will be pleased to recommend you the best haircuts for curly hair.

Use your hairdryer in the right way

When not used correctly, hairdryers can be a bit of a nightmare for curly-haired girls. To avoid frizziness, we recommend air drying the hair and then adding a diffuser attachment to your hairdryer to finish it.

A diffuser will limit the amount of direct heat and forceful air hitting your hair, which will help to reduce frizz. It can also help to even out your curl pattern and boost volume.

Make sure to use a heat protection spray before applying heat to the hair to avoid any damage. As well as providing heat protection, it will also hydrate the hair and help you achieve a bouncier blow dry.

Invest in the right products

One of the most important factors for taming curly hair is making sure you use the right products to wash, style and condition it. You should invest in products which are specifically designed for curly hair as products for normal or straight hair will not give your hair the care it needs.

We suggest washing with a gentle shampoo such as the Be Curly™Shampoo which enhances curls, combats frizz and boosts shine on wavy hair. Follow up with a nourishing conditioner like the Be Curly™Conditioner.

To control frizz and create the perfect foundation for curly hairstyles, use the Be Curly™ Style-Prep. If you want to enhance and define your curls, a curl enhancer cream like the Be Curly™ Curl Enhancer is a great choice.

For the finishing touch and to hold your curls in place all day long, we like to use the Be Curly™ Enhancing Hair Spray.

Use a conditioning masque once a week

If you find your hair is overly dry or frizzy, it is worth incorporating a conditioning treatment for curly hair into your routine. As well as providing your hair with a boost of moisture, it will also separate tangled curls and coils. For rich and intensive moisture, we use the Be Curly™ Intensive Detangling Masque. It moisturises hair with certified organic babassu oil and shea butter.

Use the right tools to brush your hair

As well as needing a specific type of shampoo, curly hair also requires a certain type of comb or brush. We advise using a wide-toothed comb or a good quality detangler brush to avoid any tugging which can lead to hair breakage.

Make sure to detangle your hair when it’s still wet and separate it into sections to make it more manageable. If you’re still struggling to brush it, we recommend using a detangling spray.

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