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Woman learning how to take care of scalp whilst washing hair

5 Top Tips To Take Care Of Your Scalp

Here’s a question for you: how much thought do you give to your scalp? If you’re anything like most people, the honest answer is probably not much. In fact, you might only ever think about your scalp if it’s itchy, flaky or sore.

Knowing how to take care of your scalp is more important than many people realise – after all it’s the foundation from which happy, healthy hair grows.

Hair and scalp care go hand in hand. Or at least they should! How many of us are quite happy to spend our money on hair care and think nothing of making sure our shampoos, conditioners and styling products are right for our hair – but neglect to consider treating our scalp in the same way?


Why Scalp Care Is Important

If you’re wondering why scalp care is important, let’s take a look at some of the issues an unhealthy scalp can lead to. Not looking after your scalp can result in conditions such as dermatitis, psoriasis, dandruff and eczema and these can lead to problems such as a loss of shine, slow-growing hair, hair breakage, and even hair loss.

When your scalp is unhappy it may be itchy, oily, spotty or flaky. All signs that you need to start taking care of it to ensure that both your hair and scalp are receiving the care and attention they need and deserve. 


How To Take Care of Your Scalp

Let’s take a look at some common problems and find out a little more about how to take care of your scalp.


  • Exfoliate When Your Scalp is Flaky

Woman exfoliating her scalp with hands

When your scalp is dry and flaky or you’re experiencing a bout of dandruff it can be embarrassing. The constant worry that you have flakes of skin dusting your shoulders is real. To combat a flaky scalp you need to exfoliate the skin on your head.

This means getting into the habit of removing the dead skin on your scalp whenever you wash your hair. Don’t worry, this isn’t quite as gruesome as it sounds as all you need to do is ensure you’re washing with a shampoo that has been specially formulated to get rid of those nasty dead skin cells.

For men we recommend Aveda’s Invati Men™ Nourishing Exfoliating Shampoo which contains salicylic acid that removes the build-up that can clog pores. Meanwhile women might like to try Aveda’s Scalp Benefits™ Balancing Shampoo which not only smells divine, but also helps to remove build-up.  


  • Remove Build-Up When Your Scalp is Itchy

An itchy scalp doesn’t necessarily go hand in hand with dandruff or even hair that is overdue for a wash. Itchy scalps are normally caused by the build-up of product which a normal wash will barely touch. This is why scalp care is important: you may well have months of product clogging your scalp’s pores – creating an uncomfortable sensation for you in the process. 

The main culprits are leave-in conditioner, gels, hairspray and our go-to friend when we’re short on time – dry shampoo. Now we’re not suggesting you ditch the dry shampoo completely. But it does make sense to use a brand that doesn’t just plump up tired hair and mask it with a synthetic floral smell. 

For example, Aveda’s Rinseless Refresh™ Micellar Hair & Scalp Refresher is hair and scalp care in one bottle. It refreshes the scalp whilst giving a new lease of life to hair that’s a day or two in without a wash. And because it’s 97% naturally derived, it’s not going to clog your scalp up with chemicals.

To combat an itchy scalp, we also suggest using Aveda’s Shampure Composition Oil which contains 25 pure plant and flower essences to sooth and calm angry scalps.


  • Enjoy a Head Massage When Your Scalp is Oily

Woman having a head massage

Your hair needs natural oils to keep both it and your scalp moisturised and healthy. Sometimes the sebaceous glands, which are next to your hair’s follicles, work overtime and produce too much oil. In addition to this, if you’re not cleaning the oil away often enough, your follicles can get blocked.

One way of reducing the amount of oil on your scalp is with a head massage. As well as being relaxing, massage also helps to ensure your scalp is healthy and promotes hair growth. Ideally you should massage your scalp on a daily basis – all you need is five minutes. And while you can buy scalp massage tools, your hairbrush or fingers are just as good. 

The best time to massage your scalp is before you wash your hair as that way you’ll be rinsing away the oil and any dead skin that you’ve loosened.


  • Use Tea Tree Oil When Your Scalp is Spotty

Spots can not only make you feel self-conscious, they can also be sore. Another reason why scalp care is important. Spots on your scalp are caused much the same way as spots on your face or other parts of your body. Blocked hair follicles cause spots, as does a build-up of oil.

Classic tea tree oil is a saviour here – mix a couple of drops in with your shampoo and let its antiseptic properties get to work. Also make sure you change your pillowcase regularly as oil and bacteria can lurk in the fabric and cause outbreaks. 


  • Indulge in Scalp Oils When Your Scalp Needs Some TLC

Person using oils to take care of scalp

Scalps need just as much TLC as hair, so here’s a bonus tip to help you establish an all-round scalp and hair care routine.

Scalp oils may be a lesser known product but we definitely advise adding them to your bathroom cabinet. Just like other hair care essentials, scalp oils are also designed to address various problem areas. 

If your scalp is showing signs of dryness or stress, an oil that moisturises whilst alleviating the worries of the day with a blend of essential oils could be just what you need – try the Stress-Fix Composition Oil by Aveda which will help restore lost moisture. It can be used all over your body too.


Summary: How To Take Care of Your Scalp


Why Hair and Scalp Care Go Hand in Hand

As we’ve seen, the journey to gorgeous healthy hair starts with your scalp – which is precisely why scalp care is so important. Treat your scalp with the care and attention you place on your hair and it will pay you back in kind.


Scalp Treatments at Strand & Lock London

At Strand & Lock, we don’t just look after your hair, we look after your scalp too. This is why we offer complimentary hair and scalp check appointments to all of our clients. We use a state-of-the-art scalp camera that accurately measures the condition of your scalp, your hair’s density and any damage.

This enables you to better understand how to take care of your scalp at home using specialist products, such as those from Aveda, and it enables us to suggest a personalised routine that will make all the difference to your locks.

And of course we also offer a range of professional scalp treatments which are available to book as an add-on to one of our other services.

If you’re looking for hair and scalp treatments in Bermondsey, book your appointment today. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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