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How to Tame Frizzy Hair: Our Top Tips & Tricks

Frizzy hair is known as being a source of frustration for many. You might spend ages straightening or smoothing your hair for it to then frizz up as soon as you walk out the door.

But, what exactly causes frizzy hair? Simply put, frizz is caused when the hair is dry and lacking moisture. It can be encouraged by humidity in the air and when hair is damaged from colouring or too much heat.

It can seem like it can be impossible to tame, but this isn’t the case. There may not be a  one-size-fits-all approach, but there are certainly plenty of tips and tricks which can help.

As experts in all hair types, here are our top tips to help you tame frizzy hair.

Get regular haircuts 

It’s important to get regular trims to get rid of split ends as they can increase frizziness. We recommend getting a trim every 6-8 weeks to keep the ends smooth and tidy.

Choosing the right haircut can also be a great way of improving the condition of your hair. One of the best haircuts for frizzy hair is long layers as they make the frizz less obvious and will naturally grow out with the rest of your hair.

If you have fine hair, a textured bob is also a good option. It is designed to look a little bit messier with a bedhead effect, so a little frizz won’t matter.

Invest in the right shampoo

With so many types of shampoo for frizzy hair on the market, it can be hard to know where to start. It’s important to look for a shampoo which is aimed at smoothing the hair and avoid any that contain damaging sulfates.

We love Aveda’s Smooth Infusion™ Shampoo which aims to smooth and soften the hair, whilst significantly reducing frizz and unwanted wave.

Apply a conditioning hair mask

It’s a good idea to use a deep conditioning mask once a week to give your hair a much-needed moisture boost. A moisturising mask will work to retain your hair’s moisture and stop the hair cuticle from opening up.

We love using Aveda’s Smooth Infusion™Smoothing Masque which deeply conditions the hair, whilst sealing in moisture and locking out frizz. It helps to keep hair smooth, even in intense humidity.

If you suffer from dry and damaged hair, we also suggest booking yourself in for an Olaplex treatment. Have a read of our recent blog to find out about the treatment and its benefits.

Use the right type of towel

When the hair is wet it is at it’s most vulnerable and more susceptible to breakage or damage. It may not be something you would initially think of, but using the wrong type of towel can actually cause frizz and breakage.

So, if you currently use a cotton towel, this may be encouraging your frizzy hair. You should opt for a microfiber towel which is softer and will prevent friction.

Minimise your use of heat

There is no doubt that applying heat to the hair every day can cause damage and result in more frizz. We suggest trying to limit your straightener or curling tong usage to a few times a week.

Make sure you use a heat protector spray when you do apply heat. At Strand & Lock, we are big fans of the Aveda Heat Relief™ Thermal Protector & Conditioning Mist.

Get a silk pillowcase 

Another top tip for minimising frizz is to invest in a silk pillowcase. If you sleep with a cotton pillowcase, the rough texture can cause the hair to snag.

Meanwhile, the smooth texture of a silk pillowcase will enable your hair to move around easily without any friction.

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