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Is the Aveda Botanical Repair Hair Treatment Worth It?

Hair damage is something that can happen to anyone and can leave your locks looking a little dull and in desperate need of some serious revival. Here at Strand & Lock, we’re always looking for the best products and treatments for all hair types. 

Simply put, Aveda Botanical Repair Hair Treatment is a groundbreaking, plant-derived, bond-building collection that quickly improves the look and feel of damaged hair, leaving it looking healthier, softer and shinier – naturally.

The leave-in treatment detangles and reduces frizz to help prevent breakage, and protects against heat up to 230°, providing a barrier when blow-drying and heat styling. Not to mention the facts: it’s vegan, cruelty-free and 99% naturally derived, with 94% of women saying that it made their hair feel stronger.

But is Aveda Botanical Repair Hair Treatment worth it? Let’s look at five reasons it most certainly is worth adding to your hair and beauty arsenal as one of the best salon hair treatments for damaged hair.

What is Aveda Botanical Repair?

Aveda Botanical Repair is a range of hair treatment products that repair the bonds in your hair. It works through 3 layers of your hair, including the innermost layer called the cortex, through to the outermost layer, the F-layer.

This works similarly to Olaplex. However, Aveda uses its own patented and plant-derived technologies to work its magic on your hair.

You can have the professional version of the treatment done at the salon, however, Aveda also has at-home options to increase the longevity of your results between appointments. 

Why Aveda Botanical Repair is the best salon hair treatment for damaged hair

1. It reverses and repairs damaged hair

Aveda Botanical Repair will repair the bonds in your hair to reverse any damage. But how does it work?

The formula includes a plant-derived bond multiplying molecule. This seeps into the innermost layer of the hair (called the cortex), and interlocks with the keratin in order to multiply the bonds. 

Put simply, the Aveda Botanical Repair system works deeply within the hair to fix any sort of damage, whether caused by chemicals or heat.

2. It strengthens the hair to protect it from further damage

By multiplying the bonds in the hair, each strand will gain added strength, which will help to keep your hair healthy and damage-free, providing you do not go and reverse the damage again with excessive heat or chemicals.

However, the treatment also provides you with protection from everyday life. It will protect your hair from UV rays, which can cause drying effects on your hair, and will make your hair more resistant to heat damage. Still, remember to use your Aveda Thermal Protector for extra protection.

3. Your hair looks and feels stronger

You will often find that some treatments will strengthen the hair but can leave it looking limp and weak. Why go through the trouble to not have gorgeous looking hair, right?

The Aveda Botanical treatment will make your hair look and feel stronger and healthier, so you can flaunt your “brand new” hair to the world. 

4. It reduces frizz and flyaways

As if it doesn’t already do enough, the Aveda Botanical Repair treatment will also smooth away flyaways and tame frizz. Your hair will become sleek, shiny and much more manageable when you want to care for and style it. 

5. It’s suitable for all hair types

You might be wondering if the Aveda Botanical Repair treatment is curly hair approved. The answer is yes! Many members of the curly-haired community love the treatment, as it enhances your hair’s natural texture. This leaves your hair with a beautiful natural finish. 

6. The best part is, it’s good for the planet!

Aveda is renowned for its sustainable approach to hair care. The Aveda Botanical Repair range is plant-derived, so you can be sure that what you’re putting on your hair is full of goodness.

It is also completely vegan and cruelty-free! So, you’ll be doing something good for both your hair and the planet.

Try Aveda Botanical Repair Treatment at Strand & Lock

Strand & Lock is an Aveda Lifestyle Salon in London, meaning we stock Aveda products and use them on our clients, because we trust and believe in their quality and ethics.

Check out our services or get in touch if you have any questions about Aveda’s Botanical Hair Repair Treatments. Alternatively, speak with one of our hair care specialists to see if they have any other suggestions for your particular hair needs.

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