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Woman with short hair wondering should I cut my hair short

Should I Cut My Hair Short? Why You Should Go Short in 2022

We’ve all been there, wondering “should I cut my hair short?”. Maybe you want a big change, or long hair just isn’t doing it for you anymore.

But before you brave the big chop, there are some things you should consider…


Should you cut your hair short?

If you’ve decided to go for the chop, there are a few more things to consider. That means considering your facial shape, hair structure, and lifestyle.

After all, there’s no point in getting a pixie cut you can’t style if you have natural corkscrew curls and a busy schedule.

So, should you cut your hair short? We’ve got the guide you’ve been looking for.


  • Will your face shape suit short hair?

Ask any stylist “should I cut my hair short?” and they’ll most likely say it depends on the hairstyle you choose. So, before committing to a short haircut, make sure it suits your facial shape.

Hairstyles that elongate are ideal for round and square faces, such as a shoulder-length bob.

For heart-shaped faces, opt for a haircut that widens the lower face, like a wispy layered cut.

And if you have a versatile oval face, you can wear practically any trendy women’s short haircut!


  • Will short hair suit your hair texture?

The right style for short hair can complement any texture. Avoid blunt bobs if you have thick hair as they can look bottom-heavy. Instead, get some textured layers to break this up.

While it’s always a good idea to take pictures with you to show your stylist exactly what look you’re going for, try not to get too fixated on a celebrity’s hairstyle. Why? Different haircuts suit different hair textures – pixie cuts can look amazing with straight textures, while crops work well with curls.


  • Do you know what style you want to go for?

There are so many shorter styles out there when considering if you should cut your hair short, whether that’s a short bob or simply shorter layers.

If you wish to go short, add short layers to your hair to become used to the style gradually. But whatever you feel like going for, there’s a trendy women’s short haircut out there for everyone.


  • Do you love short hair?

If you love the idea of short hair, get it! Hair will always grow back. Anyone with a fringe knows how often it needs to be cut because of hair growth. It’s cliche, but it’s true. Hair that grows long enough to allow for a dramatic cut will grow back long before you know it.


  • Do you like wearing your hair in lots of up-dos?

When you brave the chop, often you’re waving goodbye to ponytails and high top-knots. If that’s a deal-breaker, then short hair may not be for you. But don’t be fooled. There are still a variety of up-dos you can try with shorter hair.

Plus, thick, long hair takes longer to wash and dry, no matter what you do. If you love wearing your So, if you’re more low-maintenance, short hair could be ideal.


Trendy women’s short haircuts to help you decide whether short hair is for you

Here are some trending haircuts to help inspire your next style.


  • The blunt bob

A blunt cut bob is a shorter hairstyle with straight edges. Bobs are timeless with their limitless varieties. The blunt bob is a popular variation because it lacks layers. This sleek and trendy short haircut is ideal for women with oval, square, or heart-shaped faces.


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  • The short wolf cut

Wolf haircuts are hot in 2022! Have you had a wolf cut? If not, are you willing to try? Stylish, elegant, and resembling your fierce mullet, but with more volume!

The ‘Wolf Cut’ is a mullet with a shorter front than back. But it’s the fringed and uneven layers that lend it its wild, undone look and name. A lot of volume is created on top of the head, while the lengthier strands are extensively thinned.


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  • The voluminous pixie

Women adore the choppy pixie cut! It’s quick and easy to style. This hairstyle looks good in classic, grey, pastel, and electric colours.

Even celebrities started ditching long hair for trendy pixie cuts. Choppy, voluminous pixies show that long hair isn’t required to be feminine and elegant.



  • The mullet

The mullet cut is a striking hairstyle where the hair is cut short at the front and sides but is longer at the back. It’s normally pretty short (above shoulder length) with a messy fringe. This hairstyle was very fashionable in the 80s. It’s called “business in the front, party in the back” for a reason.

  • The textured undercut

An undercut hairstyle women currently consider one of the trendiest in 2022. It is an extreme type of haircut, with one or both temple areas cut very short or even shaved. It involves a shaved back and sides with longer hair on top. 

An undercut disconnects the sides or back from the short hair on top. It’s an edgy, trendy short style for women that combines two bold, adaptable, and sporty haircuts.

Textured undercut short haircut trend


Did you see a short haircut that you love?

So, should you cut your hair short? We would love to make short hair happen for you! If you’re in London, check out our services here or get in touch if we can discuss your goals further.

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