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Top Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Thick, voluminous hair is often the envy of many. But if you’ve been blessed with a thick mane, then you’ll know that certain hairstyles can leave it looking somewhat flat and motionless.

The benefit of having a lot of hair is that you’ve got the choice of whether you want it to look like you have less or embrace it. Whichever you choose, there are plenty of styling options.

From flattering styles to on-trend cuts, we’ve got you covered with these versatile looks.

Here are some of the best women’s hairstyles for thick hair of any length and any texture.

Face-Framing Layers

This modern hairstyle is a huge trend right now, and we have no doubts that it is here to stay. Framing the face with layers is the perfect haircut for everyone; it flawlessly complements any style of hair, length and face shape. It’s even said to accentuate cheekbones!

These layers start around the chin and gradually get longer until they are the same length as the rest of your hair. They look especially great on thick hair as they can really add volume to the hair.

They sit beautifully against the face and even make it appear slimmer! Whether you leave your hair to dry naturally or do a DIY blow-dry, this style works. Perfect for an effortless look, this is an all-around winning hairstyle.

Modern Shag

If you’ve read our Top Hair Trends for 2021 blog, then you’ll be familiar with this massively on-trend style. It features lots of layers at the crown of the head and choppy ends for extra texture, without making your hair look too full.

The layers in this style work perfectly to add movement and shape to thicker hair, which can sometimes be hard to achieve with a blunt cut.

You can have your shag cut at any length, so if you want to keep your long locks or are feeling adventurous and fancy a big chop, this is the haircut for you.

Choppy Bob

Does your hair sometimes feel too heavy? A choppy bob is a great way to take advantage of your thick hair while alleviating it from heaviness. With all that fullness and texture that comes with thick hair, a bob will accentuate these gorgeous features to give you unreal volume!

This movement-enhancing hairstyle is super easy to style too and you can wear it in so many ways. For a sleek, classy finish, wear it straight. Or for the perfect beachy look, why not add some loose waves?

A top tip for embracing thick hair is to add some Volumizing Tonic to the hair when it’s damp to really bring out the bouncy beach vibes!

Long Layers

Is your hair starting to weigh you down? If you’re keen to keep your long hair and want a more classic hairstyle, then long layers are ideal for you.

We use smart layering – a mixture of short and long layers – to prevent the hair from looking flat. Removing bulk and weight also renders lightness to the ends of the hair. This is great when it comes to flattering your facial features; especially if you have an oval or round face shape that requires more definition.

To really make the most of this style and add a bit more drama, why not add some sun-kissed highlights to your hair?

Blunt Bangs

Blunt bangs are really in right now and are the perfect way to change up your thick hair. If you want to make a statement – think Taylor Swift or Naomi Campbell – this hairstyle is sure to have you looking red-carpet ready.

Since your hair is thick, blunt bangs won’t require a lot of maintenance (lucky you!). So, if you’re looking for a low maintenance style that looks high maintenance, this one’s for you.

If you’re concerned about your blunt bangs looking flat, try using a round brush when blow-drying your hair to gently curl them and give them more bounce.

Thinned Out Ends

Sometimes, thick hair can be incredibly hard to manage. If you want to tame your thick hair because you don’t have a lot of time to look after it properly, then a hairstyle with thinned out ends can work perfectly for you.

So how does this illusion work? Well, we’ll use some thinning shears to take away the weight from the ends of your hair, so you can still have the fullness in the roots and mid-lengths. It is also the perfect way to add texture and movement to your hair.

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