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What are the benefits of using Aveda Natural Hair Colour?

When it comes to hair colouring, we believe in providing a quality service for our clients using the best products available. As an ethically conscious salon, it was important for us to choose a natural hair colour range which is both good for your hair and the environment.

Since Aveda use natural ingredients and their principles reflect what we care about, their natural colour line was a perfect choice. Here are a few of the benefits of using this hair colour:

Natural ingredients

One of the things we love the most about Aveda natural hair colour is that it is composed of up to 93% naturally-derived ingredients. This means that they are free from harsh chemicals which are bad for you and the environment.

Instead, they contain nourishing plant-based ingredients such as protective plant oils like jojoba, castor and sunflower oil. They will leave your hair feeling healthy, shiny and will prevent any unwanted damage.

By avoiding harsh chemical additives, it is also less likely to cause an allergic reaction or result in scalp irritation.

Highly customisable

Another great thing about the Aveda colour line is that it can be customised to you. This means we are able to use the Aveda colour palette to create unique formulas and results that will get heads turning.

They offer all the traditional shades ranging from blonde to dark brown which can also be used for highlights and balayage. Meanwhile, if you are looking to go for something a bit bolder, you can also achieve shades such as dusty lavender or rose gold.


There is nothing worse than your colour fading or losing its vibrance after a few washes, which is why Aveda hair colours are designed to be fade-resistant.

The longevity of your colour depends on the treatment you go for. Semi-permanent hair colour will last up to six weeks whilst permanent hair colour will last until the hair grows out.

Product range to use at home

After you get your hair coloured, it’s important to ensure you use the right products to keep your hair looking its best. We recommend our clients use the Aveda Colour Conserve range which is designed to extend the vibrance of coloured hair.

We love the Aveda Color Conserve™ Shampoo, a gentle plant-based shampoo which helps to protect your hair from damage and leaves it feeling silky and soft.

To condition the hair, you should use the Aveda Color Conserve Conditioner to help seal the hair cuticles and extend vibrance, whilst detangling and adding shine.

With colour treated hair, it’s also beneficial to use a leave-in treatment to provide some extra conditioning and intensify the colour radiance. Rub a coin size amount of Color Conserve™ Daily Color Protect through damp hair to triple-protect your hair colour and further increase shine.

Hair Colouring at Strand & Lock

Inspired by the natural heritage of Bermondsey and the urban landscape of London, our salon is meticulously designed to offer only the very best of hairdressing.

We are proud to only use naturally derived Aveda hair colour and styling products that harness the power of plants and botanicals to improve the condition of your hair.

If you’re looking to change up your colour or touch up your roots, book an appointment with us!

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