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What is a Hair Money Piece & Will it Suit You?

Since you’re here, you’ve probably heard the term ‘money piece’ and might know that it’s become a big trend, but aren’t quite sure what it actually is. But we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know about the money piece. 


What is a money piece in hair?

Made popular in 2020 (but inspired by the 1990s), a money piece is simply a balayage colouring technique where the front hairline strands are lightened. 

If you’ve not heard the term ‘money piece’, then you might have heard of ‘face framing highlights’, which are exactly the same thing.

In fact, the name ‘money piece’ is said to have come from the luxurious look (they make your hair ‘look’ expensive) that the lighter strands add to your style. From Beyonce to Bella Hadid and Dua Lipa, this colour trend really is being rocked by celebrities everywhere. 


Why choose a money piece?

A money piece is the perfect way to completely transform your look without going for a dramatic chop or going for a total colour transformation that demands a lot of maintenance. If you are looking for a flattering hair refresh that’s low maintenance and budget-friendly, here’s why a money piece could be for you.


  • They help to frame the face

Since the strands fall along the perimeters of your face and stand out from the rest of your hair, they draw attention to your best features. Although striking, the highlights have a subtle finish that will contour and lift your face shape.

  • Adds dimension to your hair

Ever thought your hair looks flat and could just do with a subtle change to add some interest? Face framing highlights are perfect for this. Since we can tailor them to your preferences, they can be as bold or subtle as you choose. The key to the look is working in small sections to create the contrasting, light finish.

  • Brightens your complexion

The brighter strands against your face are the perfect way to brighten up your complexion, minus the skincare routine. As they give off a brighter, sun-kissed look, they’ll especially go with your summer tan.

  • Lightens the hair and freshens up your colour

If you like your hair dark but want to add a small bit of brightness just to amplify your natural colour, then look no further than a money piece. Sometimes, changes don’t have to be drastic, so simply lightning the front pieces can instantly elevate and freshen up your look.


Is a money piece right for you?

If you’re still unsure of whether a money piece will be ideal for you, then think about your hair goals. If you’ve already got a balayage or highlights, then a money piece will be the perfect way to amplify the lightness in your hair!

Any hair colour works with money pieces, but the best colours are within the warmer-toned family. For blondes, honey or caramel tones are perfect, and for brunettes, think warm browns and chocolate hues. If your hair is quite dark, then a money piece is going to be a bit more of a bold change. 

That being said, a bold money piece has been trendy over the past year, with many people choosing a ‘front chunk’. This was popular in the 90s but has since made a return as a bold, contrasting money piece. 


How do you look after a money piece at home?

When it comes to at home hair care for this colour trend, it couldn’t be easier. For upkeep, you will need to invest in the right coloured shampoos to prevent brassiness and yellow-tones. We love the Aveda Blonde Revival Purple Toning Shampoo. This will help to neutralise any unwanted brassy, yellow tones and revive the look of a salon-treated colour in no time. It’s also sulphate free so will cleanse the hair without stripping!

For colour maintenance, it depends on which style of money piece you’ve opted for. A soft balayage, for example, can be touched up every few months. However, a chunkier look will need to be touched up every four to six weeks to prevent harsh regrowth lines.


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