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Blonde hair created using hair gloss

What is Hair Gloss & Is It Right for You?

What is hair gloss?

A hair gloss is a semi-permanent colouring and conditioning treatment that adds shine to the hair and evens tone. It can be used on its own, or can be applied to freshly coloured hair to add a longer-lasting and more vibrant colour. Oh, and it works on all hair types to give the dimension you never even knew you were missing!


How hair gloss can improve your hair game

There are many types of hair glosses but if you have colour-treated hair of any kind (be it bleached, highlighted, or dyed all over), a transformative hair gloss could be for you! Here’s what the magic of hair glossing does…


1. It’s great for colour corrections

Not happy with your colour? Maybe your colour-treated hair has faded in places or appears patchy. Whatever it may be, hair gloss is a great way to perfect the shade of your hair colour, and can be used to breathe life back into your colour.

Since it only deposits colour rather than lifts the hair, it is also a safe way to re-colour your hair if it is already a little damaged or compromised.


2. Neutralises brassy tones

Are you sick of those brassy tones that won’t budge no matter how many coloured shampoos you use? Hair gloss is much stronger than purple or blue shampoo and toners, and means that we can reach your desired tone easily.

As well as enhancing and reviving your shade, your tone will also last a lot longer, which can be a common issue with hair toners.


3. Adds incredible shine to the hair

Aside from the bespoke colours that you can achieve with hair gloss, the gloss itself adds an incredible hydration and shine to the hair (it’s all in the name). This is because it seals the hair cuticles and also acts as a conditioner. Thanks to it’s smoothing ingredients, a hair gloss will bring dull or damaged hair back to it’s former, shiny glory.


4. Less damaging than regular colouring

Hair gloss is different to normal hair colours, as a hair gloss does not penetrate the scalp, nor does it contain hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. These are the chemicals that are used to open the hair cuticle to allow pigment to be deposited. 

But don’t be afraid of this, as opening the hair cuticle is absolutely necessary for permanent colour. However, gloss is used to top up and add vibrance to your colour, so there’s no need to open the hair cuticle again or cause further damage. 

In short, hair gloss is a great way to add a semi-permanent colour to the hair without compromising its condition.


5. Try a colour before committing

Are you thinking of embracing a new beauty trend, trying a crazy new colour, or just aren’t sure if a certain colour will suit you? Hair gloss is a great alternative to dye and a way to try a new colour without fully committing to it.

This is because it is a semi-permanent colour. As previously mentioned, these only deposit colour on the hair cuticle, rather than breaking them open.

This means your colour will wash out naturally over time, compared to permanent colours which take a lot longer to fade.


6. Adds volume

A hair gloss works by raising the cuticle to deposit a small amount of pigment on the hair. When the cuticle is lifted, volume and texture are created, making styling all the more manageable. After a hair gloss treatment, your locks will appear fuller, more natural-looking and be easier to style.


Book a Hair Gloss at Strand & Lock

At Strand & Lock, we mix hair glosses specifically for our clients and their needs. Think a hair gloss could be the perfect treatment for you? We’d love to make it happen! Book now or see our other services here.

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