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What Is Olaplex Treatment and What Are the Benefits?

At Strand & Lock, we love experimenting with hair colour and helping our clients achieve a bold new look. However, it’s no surprise that continually colouring your hair can take its toll. Hair can become dry, frizzy and longing for some moisture and repair.

This is where Olaplex comes in. Founded by California-based industry experts, Dean and Darcy Christal, Olaplex is a revolutionary, patented technology that protects and repairs hair from damage.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Olaplex deep conditioning treatment and its benefits, then keep reading!

What Is Olaplex?

Olaplex is the original bond build treatment which aims to repair the five stages of damage that affect hair: chemical, thermal, mechanical, environmental and physiological.

It uses a patented ingredient to seek out broken disulphate bonds and links them back together, making your hair feel thicker, stronger and healthier. So, if you have over-bleached or highlighted hair, it can essentially help to revive your locks back to health.

The Olaplex complete treatment now involves a seven-step process, with the first two steps in the salon and five more steps to complete at home.

What Are The Benefits?

A simple process that is easy to use

The Olaplex process has been designed to be easy to use and to not take up too much of your time, both in the salon and at home. Stages 1 and 2 take place in the salon as a professional treatment and can’t be bought for use at home.

Olaplex No.1 Bond Multiplier can be used as a standalone treatment or can be mixed in with the bleach and put straight onto your hair in foils. Meanwhile, Olaplex No.2 Bond Perfector can then be used once the bleach is rinsed out.

The next five steps can be mixed and matched to suit your hair. Olaplex No.3 is an at-home treatment which can be used once a week and left on for 10-30 minutes or overnight. Olaplex No.4 and No.5 are a shampoo and conditioner which will help to hydrate and strengthen your hair with every wash.

Tames frizz to make hair smoother and more manageable

The sixth step of the Olaplex is the No.6 Bond Smoother. If you suffer from frizzy hair, this will be your new best friend. This leave-in styling creme will help to eliminate frizz and leave hair feeling hydrated for up to 72 hours.

We suggest only using a small amount and apply to your mid-length to the ends of your hair before drying it. This will leave your hair feeling smooth and smelling great.

Protects against heat damage

From hairdryers to straighteners, we use a lot of heat on our hair which can cause serious damage. The Olaplex treatment helps to rebuild the bonds which are damaged when using heat.

The final stage in the Olaplex process is the No.7 Bonding Oil which is a weightless, highly reparative styling oil. A small drop of this will provide heat protection and add shine and softness to your hair.

Formulated to protect hair from chemical damage

Olaplex has become an essential part of hair colouring, to keep hair in optimum condition during chemical treatment. It both protects the hair from the process of bleaching or colouring the hair and also prevents further damage.

This means that bleach can be left on for longer without it breaking off and causing serious damage to the hair. So, you will not only leave the salon with a new colour, but your hair will also feel shiny and stronger.

Olaplex Repair Treatment at Strand & Lock

We are pleased to offer the Olaplex Repair Boost Treatment at Strand & Lock, to leave your hair feeling stronger and healthier.

If you’re interested in learning more about Olaplex and how it could help your hair, please get in touch with us or book an appointment.

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