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What Is The ‘C’ Cut Hairstyle & Should You Try It?

Here at Strand & Lock we know that you stylish lot are always on the lookout for the next big hair trend. And so we’re excited to take a deep dive into one of this year’s latest looks for locks: c cut hair. But what on earth is the c cut hairstyle – and is it for you? 

What is the c cut hairstyle?

The c haircut might be the latest buzzword on the lips of those in the know, but what does it actually mean?

If you think back to some of the biggest hair trends of 2022, then you may well recall that those heavier 1970s and 1990s inspired hairstyles were extremely popular. The c shape haircut is a kind of evolution of these.

It’s not totally dissimilar to the modern Rachel haircut in that it has a longer length and frames the face. But the main difference between the c shape haircut and the new Rachel is that c cut hair falls more naturally around the face.

Also, unlike its predecessors, the c haircut style has a softer shape throughout the length and features multiple layers which your stylist will cut into curved ‘c’ shapes. These layers gently frame the face to create the illusion of volume and body.

And like the name suggests, a c shaped haircut takes on a more intentionally rounded and curved appearance. 

Lengthwise, the c cut hairstyle is usually chopped to around the jaw or chin, or even a little longer if you so wish.

How to ask your stylist for c cut hair

Well, what can we say? If you book an appointment at Strand & Lock London and ask us for a c haircut, we’ll know exactly what you’re talking about! 

That’s because we keep on top of all the latest hair trends, and the c shape haircut is one of our current favourites.

In all seriousness though, ask your stylist for the c cut hairstyle, c haircut or c shaped haircut and they should understand. You want to ask for curved layers that frame the face that fall to the jawline – or a little longer if you prefer.

As always, we highly recommend taking a couple of images of the hairstyle you’re looking for to your hairdresser as having something visual to go on is usually a lot easier for us than trying to follow a verbal explanation. 

What are the benefits of the c haircut?

You’re asking us about the benefits of the c haircut style? Where do we even start!?

Here are some off the top of our head (pun intended…)

– The look is balanced but still fun, bouncy and natural looking

– It’s easy to style – especially if you go to a good hairdresser who will cut the layers into the c shape required to make the look effortless

– It adds plenty of movement thanks to all those layers

– It makes hair look thicker and more voluminous 

– It’s low maintenance and you can decide whether to style your c cut hair’s curves or let them dry au naturel 

Who does the c shaped haircut suit?

Some haircuts are harder to carry off than others. The bixie versus pixie haircut debate had us all wondering where we stood, for example. And we would be remiss if we said the shag haircut suited every hair texture and face shape.

So here’s the good news! The c haircut almost universally suits everyone. It’s flattering because of the way it falls around the face, with the c shaped cut accentuating your bone structure while also adding volume to your locks.

But – and here’s the but – it needs to be cut by a professional who knows what they’re doing. 

For the c shaped haircut to truly work, your stylist must understand not only the texture and type of your hair but the way it falls and, to a certain extent, your lifestyle too.

The key to a successful c cut hairstyle is personalisation. This is not a one-size-fits-all hairstyle and a good hairdresser will know that and make it work for you.

Looking after your c haircut

The better you look after your locks, the shinier and healthier your c cut hair will be! 

With this style, thickness and bounce are everything, so pump up the volume with haircare products such as the Pure Abundance™ Volumizing Shampoo and matching Pure Abundance™ Volumizing Clay Conditioner by Aveda.

And of course, it goes without saying, that regular trips to your hair salon to snip off any split ends, maintain those curves, and keep your hair in tip-top condition are a must!

Get the c cut hairstyle at Strand & Lock

We are loving the c haircut style and would also love to help you achieve the c cut of your dreams. We offer a range of professional salon services and we’re also an official Aveda salon so you can be assured that we’re only ever going to use products that are kind and nourishing to your hair.

Ready to get your bouncy, curvy c haircut? Book your appointment today and we’ll ‘c’ you very soon!

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