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What Products Do Hair Salons Use and What Are Their Benefits?

Everyone loves the feeling of leaving the salon with soft and silky locks, but no matter how hard you try, it can be hard to make your hair feel like this at home.

Even if you aren’t a professional, using the right products can help you recreate that salon-perfect style. As a hair salon that uses Aveda products, we are experts in their range and helping our clients choose the right products to use at home.

To help you achieve your best possible hair, here is our guide to the Aveda hair products we use in the salon that you can also buy to use at home.

Shampoo & Conditioner:

The key to good hair starts off with a good quality shampoo and conditioner. One of the best things about Aveda hair products is that they have something to suit every hair type or issue.

Normal Hair

For normal hair, we use a shampoo that will gently cleanse and soften the hair. We love the Shampure™ Nurturing Shampoo which provides long-lasting nourishment while infusing hair with a signature calming aroma.

Follow this up with the Shampure™ Nurturing Conditioner which will get rid of any tangles and leave you with shiny and nourished hair.

Dry Hair

If you suffer from dry hair, we love the Nutriplenish range, which comes in a light or deep moisture shampoo. The Nutriplenish™ Light Moisture Shampoo is suited to those with fine to medium hair who prefer a lighter formula.

If your hair is medium to thick in density and you require a richer, deeper formula, we suggest using the Nutriplenish™ Deep Moisture Shampoo. Both products are designed to cleanse and replenish the hair with nutrient-powered hydration.

After this, we use the Nutriplenish™ Light moisture or Nutriplenish Deep Moisture Conditioner to make hair visibly healthier and smooth. Enriched with luxurious omega-5 rich organic pomegranate oil, coconut oil and mango butter, it nourishes dry hair and leaves it smelling great.

Coloured Hair

When it comes to coloured hair, it’s important to choose the right shampoo as many can fade the colour. To add brightness to grey hair or neutralize brassy tones, we love using the Blue Malva Shampoo.

To brighten highlights and illuminate blonde and lighter shades, we use the Camomile Shampoo. If you’re a brunette, we love the Clove Shampoo which contains organically grown clove to enhance warm tones and enrich brown hues.

To keep your colour looking fresh, we recommend the Color Conserve™

Shampoo. It will help to extend the vibrance of your colour and leave your hair feeling silky, soft and shiny.

For clients suffering from damage by bleaching or colouring their hair, we recommend using the Damage Remedy™ Restructuring Conditioner. This daily conditioning formula contains quinoa protein which helps to repair and re-moisturise hair and restore movement and shine.


A hair mask or treatment provides a higher concentration of nutrients to your everyday products to deeply nourish and repair the hair. Aveda has a variety of hair masks and treatments to choose from for different hair types.

Our favourite Aveda hair mask for normal hair is the Botanical Repair™ Strengthening

Mask which has a light and a rich formula. This intensive treatment will instantly strengthen and help reduce hair breakage, leaving your hair feeling luxuriously smooth.

For damaged hair, we suggest our clients use the Damage Remedy™ Intensive Restructuring Treatment. This Aveda treatment can be used weekly to strengthen the look of hair weakened by bleaching or heat styling.

Styling products:

When it comes to styling, we have a few favourite products that we use to make sure our clients leave feeling their best. The Pure Abundance™ Style Prep™ is a great pre-style treatment which gives fine hair a boost of volume and can help to detangle hair before brushing.

To protect hair against heat damage, the Heat Relief™ Thermal Protector & Conditioning Mist is a must. It protects hair from heat up to 450 degrees during restyling and infuses hair with a calming aroma.

For that finishing touch, we use the Brilliant™ Spray-on Shine which provides a sheer mist of shine and helps to eliminate flyaways.

Aveda Products at Strand & Lock

As the original pioneers of the power of botanicals and naturally derived ingredients, Aveda’s principles reflect what we really care about. This includes minimising our impact on the environment and animals whilst prioritising the well-being of our clients.

We are delighted to offer their products in our salon, so you can pick up what you need after your appointment. Our stylists will also be happy to assist you with which choosing products which are best suited to your hair.

Book an appointment at Strand & Lock and treat yourself to a good hair day!

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